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5 tactics for your 2021 marketing strategy 1

How to create a successful marketing strategy in 2021? (5 tactics to include on your 2021 marketing strategy)

2020 was undeniably a year of drastic changes. It pushed businesses to think outside their box to reach out to the audience. With consumer psychology and priorities changing, the goals and KPIs (key performing indicators) of marketing have modified themselves to help businesses adapt better in the changing times. However, the basic template of marketing strategy continues to remain the same here
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What is Marketing Strategy?

Marketing strategy is one of the key terms that you are going to hear more often, if not before.
Are you wondering what it actually means?
Well, marketing strategy is nothing but a well-crafted long-term plan to promote your business and to reach the audience. Thereby, converting them into consumers of your brand in the process.
The ultimate goal of a marketing strategy is to understand your consumers’ needs and promote your product in ways that appeal to their wants. As a result, it would bring in sales for your business.

Steps in creating Marketing Strategy

2020 has definitely questioned the strategies that businesses lived by till then. If you want to stay in the game, you have no option but to change your game plan. Adaptation is the key and that is exactly what we need to do in 2021

The world requires your presence online. No matter what industry you belong to, moving your businesses online will allow you to bring in more consumers to you. Businesses will have to invest in good CRM software, digital media services, etc. This will help you stay engaged, connected and create a loyal consumer base online.

5 tactics for your 2021 marketing strategy 2

It is crucial to have direct relationships with your customers in the coming months. Due to businesses shifting online, the online space has become cluttered. This means that you will have put in more effort in having a personalised touch with your consumers to both grow and retain your consumer base.

It would be wise for businesses to focus on the key areas that bring in the most revenue for you. it will also help you to cut back on unnecessary areas that will cost you more in the long haul. Also if you prepare your budget in a quarterly manner, it will help you maximize and optimize your resources well. Having a weekly and monthly review in your business will help you focus on shortcomings, and help take viable decisions.

Another important strategy that businesses need to give importance to is SEO. Search engine optimization will help your business flourish by making you stand out in the search engine. It will bring in legit leads to your website. Your product or service will be the answer to the questions searched by the audience and bring them to you, strengthening your business at the same time.

Top 5 Tactics to include on your Marketing Strategy

For any of the said above to work, it is vital to know who and what exactly are the wants of your end users. Businesses, big or small, must ensure that they use viable channels to take their products and services to the end-users looking for it. Businesses must use every available tool that can cater to their needs, thereby allowing us to build our base. It is safe to say that digital marketing has become an integral part in growing your business.

Altogether five fast-growing popular marketing strategies you can use for your business are as follows:-

5 tactics for your 2021 marketing strategy 3

Social Media

In this era, it is quite hard to ignore the potential social media has in helping a brand grow. This is where all the magic happens. Post Covid-19, some small businesses rely solely on social media to sell their products and services. Social media creates a community truly devoted to your brand, driving most of the sales. With the use of Analytics, one can also measure the success of the marketing to help build more driven tools.

Influencer Marketing

Influencers are individuals with a dedicated follower, usually big in numbers and shares an almost celebrity status in their respective niches. Influencer marketing is a type of social media marketing that uses endorsements to help the brands penetrate the audience of the influencer and create awareness of their brand or product. The huge trust influencers share among their audience allows influences to make successful recommendations that are usually customer converting

Video SEO

Video SEO is nothing but optimizing your video to be shown and ranked for relevant keyword searches. Recent years have transformed Video SEO into a powerful tool that can be used to pull consumers in and help in increasing revenue. Google and YouTube are the world’s two biggest search engines, video SEO would allow brands to gain an inch on these two sites along with other video hosting sites.


Competitor Benchmarking

Competitor Benchmarking helps us understand where we stand in the market as well as our competitors in the market. Benchmarking can be done either for overall digital marketing or for key performing indicators. We can compare the share of voice and online reach to understand the quality-traffic and the online reach both we and our competitors have. It helps the company to identify areas for improvement to better digital marketing. Companies can also benchmark against their competitors, reform their marketing strategies or adopt better strategies from competitors

Attention of End User

As a business owner, to create the best use experience, you need to know your consumers or audience. Audience insights help us narrow down consumer behaviour, changes in consumer behaviour etc. Platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn provide basic demographic data – however, these are never enough to be actionable insights. Through passive metering, we can map the digital paths to the products and catch the attention of end users. This would enable brands to maximize and correctly place marketing tools. Through Audience Insights, one can even find white spaces where nobody is fulfilling certain consumer wants, opening new doors for you



For the longest time, marketers and advertisers have desperately tried to understand the minds of end-users and what clicks with them. In recent times, especially post-pandemic, as consumer lives have shifted online, advancements in digital analytics help make garnering audience insights a reality.

Without a nicely-crafted marketing strategy, it would be next to impossible to let the market know your existence, make a profit. All at the same time, stay constant and afloat without losing your base of consumers

Is Your Marketing team ready for 2021?

How do you take your brand out to the right audience?
How do you transform your audience to consumers?
More importantly, are you ready for 2021?

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