What is Advertising Technology?

In simple terms Advertising Technology or Ad Tech is defined as a collective of several software and tools. Ideally made use of by brands and institutions to strategize, set up, and manage their advertisements in the digital marketing world.
A big jump in the evolutionary journey of advertising, Ad Tech helps advertisers and marketers make efficient use of their budgets, by providing targeted ads, that can reach an ‘actual’ potential consumer at the right time, an alternative to the old ‘spray and pray’ method.

Ad-Tech Answered in a nutshell by whoofey Ad-Tech Platform

The whole process of identifying, classifying and managing your audience and then catering to a specific group at a time is central to efficient marketing in this day, and Ad Tech helps exactly with that.

Current Scenario of Ad-Tech 

In the current scenario, the digital advertising world has grown so large that there are several kinds of ad technologies and companies that this discipline encompasses.

Omnichannel and Programmatic are generally considered to be a few of the top Ad tech tools. Omnichannel marketing interacts with customers across all communication platforms such as mobile, desktop, etc., based on the target’s history of interaction with the brand. Programmatic marketing, meanwhile, buys the aptest audience instead of a particular slot of time hoping that the right target comes across it.

With a well-planned use of influential data, Ad Tech can help strategically place advertisers with the right content, in the right places, at the right time to connect to an audience that specifically works for them

Top 5 Factors of Ad-Tech Platform

Agencies and brands can create and offer custom experiences, using various permutations and combinations of Ad Tech, thanks to its vast offerings and the booming changes in field.

The key benefit of this amazing piece of technology is that it helps create a ‘high impact value’ for business both big and small. From an agency perspective, it is seen that talking about the agency’s connections to Ad tech when wooing prospective clients, can help seal the deal.

Mentioned below are the top 5 types of Ad Tech marketers need to know:

  1. Demand-Side Platforms
  2. Supply-Side Platforms
  3. Ad Exchanges
  4. Data Management Platforms
  5. Customer Data Plan

Conclusion !   Ad-Tech 

This boon to advertising has so far automated much of the painstaking steps of a campaign.

Growing and evolving at an impressive pace it is shaping the future of advertising with an increase in diversity and sophistication, something that humans can only hope to operate at.

Though relatively new when compared to the age-old tradition of media buying, owing to the ‘n’ number of benefits that it offers, the need and the growth of this beautiful tool does not show signs of slowing down or losing significance anytime soon.

The future of business and marketing, whether they will make it or break in this digital savannah will all depend on their ability to embrace and tactically use every piece of tool that Ad Tech will present before them.