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Advertising has always served as an essential role in promoting business, products, or services.
Here are 5 of the top creative advertising ideas which i come across

We people have come across a lot of different modes of advertising in our day to day lives. Though we live in a highly modern digital age, in some cases, advertising between the large companies has always brought us more attention.
Something unusual and mysterious can trigger people’s curiosity in many ways. Advertising brands have made use of this vital element to promote their businesses.

“Here are some of those crazy Creative Advertising Ideas which went viral in the near future “

1. Dracula Web Series Billboard Advertisement.

In context to the abstract stated above, there is a strange incident in London that took place about 3 months ago. It is about advertising a new TV series that is published by the BBC. The web series named Dracula was developed by Mark Gattis based on the novel by Stam Stoker. Dracula was premiered on 1 st January 2020 was broadcasted over three following days.

Coming back to the main plot of the story, they used a way different method of advertising things.

The advertisement was done on a white billboard with stalks on it. And a light that is focusing on the stems grouped.
The public who see that were immense with curiosity, and this gathered them a large crowd. The whole audience waited till the dark to get the message on the billboard, and of course, it was a matter of everyone to get the answers for their questions.

The time arrived, and at last, it was the Dracula himself portrayed over the space. This was one of the talented and brilliant ways to advertise shows. This fetched a lot of appreciations from a vast number of people, yet some critics showed some criticism, but still, it enraged them, showing them the best of it.

Observers were broken over how the display works, you can’t probably control wherever shadows stop with this much accuracy. When projecting light across a flat exterior. They used a backlighting trick supporting the billboard’s surface. If you look at the advertisement deeply, you will see that the lights are placed in front of the billboard.

Ad tech, short for advertising technology, refers commonly to all techniques. This BBC Dracula  Billboard is an excellent example of ad tech.


It is always important to get the social awareness of the public, and sometimes it is very vital at some point of public health crisis such as the present instances. People won’t let the information let into their minds so easily, and there has to be something different that has to brought down to get into the minds of the public.

With respect to the context discussed above, cops in Kerala demonstrated a dance that conveys the importance of hand washing and wearing masks in order to protect themselves from getting infected form COVID-19. This video was released as the part of the   “Break the chain” campaign.
This video depicted the efficient way of washing hands and the importance of wearing masks in this significant time of health crisis. The cops were dancing and singing the song “Kalakaadha Sandaname” form the movie “Ayyapanum Koshiyum”. The video became so viral after uploading it on the Facebook. And it was still trending in the social media for the next few days.

This video received a lot of appreciations from many celebrities and the public among India. This was one of the brilliant and creative way that the cops have come up at this time of crisis , because among this great pressure that the Globe is facing right now ,it seems great that they have come up with an idea that conveys precautions and acknowledgement to the public as regulating moral laws and values among the society lies in the hands of the cops


The COVID-19 outbreak is showing no signs of stopping. Governments, companies, and consumers are implementing measures to curb the spread of the virus and mitigate the impact.

 While a quick check by Marketing found that not many brands have followed suit, a Slovenia-based creative director named Jure Tovrljan decided to get creative and redesigned certain brand logos, reflecting the new trend of social distancing.

Following the trend of Social Distancing some major brands also tweakes their logo to promote Social distancing
Author :  Ayushi vedwan


After the apple had released “Mac Pro WHEELS”, for 700$ content creators on YouTube channel are trolling & critisizing apple like never before .
among them “UNBOX THERAPY” had blown everyone minds with 7:46 mins video which is demonstrating the apple wheels without saying a single word about it,
From the video it is clear that “The silence and expressions is plenty to understand everything” apple had done

In a real car four wheels for a price not exceeding 400$ inclusive installation, I don’t know what those wheels can do with 700$!!! 

only quote which is cominng to my mind affter seeing this ridiculous product is one of “steve jobs quote”
“Sometimes life’s going to hit you in the head with a brick. Don’t lose faith. I’m convinced that the only thing that kept me going was that I loved what I did”


With Coronavirus on the prowl, there has been a huge demand across the world for MOOCs as schools and universities continue to shut down.
So, I find it great that providers like Coursera are hosting tons of fantastic courses on their site for free of charge , but they’re a touch hard to seek out among all the paid courses.
While these courses aren’t providing verified certificates if you’re taking them for free of charge , in my view, it’s the knowledge that matters than having a couple of certifications.
TLDR; With thousands of individuals laid off from this crisis, I believe it is crucial to get learning resources out now to people. So here is a list of courses that are great and free to learn.

A) Entrepreneurship
DO Your Venture: Entrepreneurship For Everyone by IIM Bangalore (edX):

Startup India Learning Program by Startup India https://www.startupindia.gov.in/conte… (@upGrad )

B) Digital Marketing

Ahrefs Academy: Blogging for Business by Tim Soulo: https://ahrefs.com/academy/blogging-f…

CXL Growth Marketing Minidegree: https://cxl.com/institute/career-change/

Marketing Analytics by Columbia University (edX): https://www.edx.org/course/marketing-…

Digital Marketing, Data & Tech, Career Development Courses by Google Digital Garage: https://learndigital.withgoogle.com/d…

Facebook Marketing Courses by Facebook Blueprint: https://www.facebook.com/business/lea…

Moz Academy by Moz https://academy.moz.com/ Use the code “wegotthis” at checkout to redeem your training.

 Advanced SEO Course by Craig Campbell https://craigcampbell.training/course… ( @Craig Campbell SEO )

Paid Traffic Training by Unicorn Innovations https://www.paidtraffictraining.com/p… 

Everyday Behavioral Science for Digital Marketers by Conversion Sciences https://www.conversionlive.com/

C) Coding

Udacity Nanodegree by Udacity: https://www.udacity.com/

Great Learning Academy by Great Learning: https://www.greatlearning.in/academy

D) Data Analytics

Data Science Courses by GreyAtom: https://greyatom.com/free-online-data…

E) Writing

Start writing fiction: characters and stories by The Open University : https://www.open.edu/openlearn/histor…

F) Personality Development
Career Edge – Knockdown the Lockdown by TCS iON
https://learning.tcsionhub.in/courses… (@TCSGlobal )

G) Dropshipping

Oberlo 101 by @Oberlo https://www.oberlo.com/course?ref=hom…

H) Free Courses on Platforms

@Udemy Free Courses https://www.udemy.com/courses/free/

7000+ Free Courses by @Pluralsight https://www.pluralsight.com/

I) Photography 

1100+ Free Online Classes by Professional Photographers of America https://www.ppa.com/education-unlocked


Harvard Free Courses https://online-learning.harvard.edu/c…

Udemy Courses at 90% Discount https://bit.ly/2VKg4Jk

 Zerodha Varsity https://zerodha.com/varsity?c=ZMPZBN (Learn about Stock markets in Hindi & English)
https://zerodha.com/open-account?c=ZM… (Open a trading account in Zerodha)

Youtube Learning https://learnathome.withyoutube.com/ (English, Hindi & other regional languages)

Upgrad Lifelong Learning https://www.upgrad.com/free-courses/



The outranging COVID-19 has made us a huge impact on the markets of the global economy. Considering precautions and the regulations that has been laid in terms of the crisis , it is important for the companies to keep their market business and sales nominally without any losses. Advertising has a huge impact on the sales of the business and services. So , is vital for the companies to get accessed to the safe methods of advertising.

Newspapers has always been a greater mode of advertising that reaches a wide number of audiences. It is also a cheaper mode of advertising too. At this time of crisis , since newspapers gets in touch with a variety of people before it gets delivered. This has increased the chance of getting infected , and has seen a great decline of newspapers.

At this time of crisis , advertising in the crowds among the public such as the billboards and posters will become ineffective. As people at such instances hesitate to come outside , this mode of advertising has seen a huge decline in the market. So ,getting soon the conclusion , this mode of advertising is not effective.

So , getting to the best way , digital advertising has made the right way. During this period , people spend a lot of time online reading , listening , and watching. At this times , it is more appropriate to advertise via the internet. This would reduce the cost too and give a better outcomes in terms of efficiency , reaching out to a maximum number of people , targeting all age groups.

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