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An A.I. Based Advertising Concept 

Discover More About Whoofey

Our Mission 

Our mission is to create an innovative & Independent advertising platform that connects businesses with the right customers. There’s a reason we called ourselves Whoofey. It’s more than just our name; It’s Who-Ofey. it reflects our commitment to identifying and targeting the most relevant market for our clients.


Problem faced by market - Whoofey Ad-Tech Platform

Problem Faced By Market 

Advertising industry needs to evolve in such away that it should be feasible for both Big & Small Business 

  • Creating Brand Recognition is really hard

  • It will take atleast an year of creative marketing Strategy

  • And it require a Huge Investment

Our Approach To Solve The Problem 

Whoofey is entirely an Ad-Tech based startup based on the evergrowing Android platform. We are committed to supplying the advertisers with an additional autonomous android-based advertisement channel. In a cost-effective way that produces equal and reasonable returns for present and potential owners, and competitive value for our consumers.

Whoofey Ad-Tech Platform Approach to solve the problem

Discover More About Us | Whoofey Timeline 

Timeline of Whoofey Ad-Tech Platform

Timeline Of Whoofey 

  • 2017 –
    Started Helping brands as a  Group of freelancers. Major work was Consulting and Social Media Promotions .
  • 2018 –
    Started Telling stories of the brand by  Designing creative strategies. To build powerful and memorable stories
  • 2019 –
    Started Building Our  Android Platform (Whoofey) to help brand succeed
  • 2020 –
    Preparing to Launch our Platform (whoofey) to make users love ads & make brands love marketing 

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