A.I. Driven Advertising Tool


Segment your Audience to lift Campaign ROI


Measure your Customers Digital Experience


Understand your Customers Path to purchase


Create Ads that resonate Emotionally


Media Planning insights to improve Campaign ROI


Create Product Packages that stands out

Our A.I. Driven Advertising Process

Whoofey is an A.I. Driven Advertising Tool to assist brands in finding the right audience in a cost-effective way. We give rewards and offers to the user for contributing valuable feedback for the brand & in turn, our A.I. algorithm will generate an audience persona based on the interaction of users and create an audience that suits the brand potential. Advertise smartly with our all in one tool to create audience personas and to measure customer experience (CX) Analytics data

“Let’s Integrate Artificial Intelligence on  your Advertising  strategy with Whoofey “

Step 1

Framing the issue by asking the right questions to the end user


Step 2

Collection of Data from Mass audience to clarify the Touch points

Step 3

Analysing the Data with the help of our Data Driven

Step 4

Translation of the data analysed into usable points & implement actions 

Whoofey A.I. Driven Advertising Tool

User Driven.
Data Informed

Today, many companies are realizing that true competitive advantage lies in creating an engaging customer experience. One that is personal, fast, easy, and useful but they are not quite sure how to create it.
The user-driven marketing process of our A.I. Driven Advertising Tool will allow brands to   get a Data-Informedcustomer experience.
To find the future trends and plan accordingly.

Whoofey- A.I Based Advertising - Integrate Artificial Intelligence on  Android Advertising

Seamless Survey Options

The information collected during the market survey allows you to better assess the size of the market, the needs of the market and the strategy that your organization should adopt to meet customer needs. Market Research also has other uses, such as clarification or communication of product or service offerings to the target market.

Whoofey- A.I Based Advertising - Integrate Artificial Intelligence on  Android Advertising

Small FootPrint.
Big Impact.

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For Everyone

Every brand is looking for a cost-efficient method to advertise its product. Most of the cases the advertiser will get back only 50percent of their advertising spends(this mostly happens in case of traditional advertising). We are here to make a difference in the Advertising industry. Our cost-efficient android based advertising platform will help you find your right customers and make sure they listen to your ads with full concentration

Who can Benefit From Us ?

Our diverse marketing and automated  solutions can help you tailor a response driven approach to exceed your KPI goals with our omni channel audience 

Whoofey - Android based Ad-tech Platform -E-Commerce Brands
Whoofey - Android based Ad-tech Platform -Shopping Brands
Whoofey - Android based Ad-tech Platform -App Based Brands
Whoofey - Android based Ad-tech Platform -Subscription Based Brands

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