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How many ads do we see a day

How many ads do we see a day in 2021 | 2021 Ad Exposure | How to outrun it ?

 Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. YouTube. Webpages. Notifications on your mobile. T.V. Radio. Billboards. And  the list goes on. Between all of these, have you ever wondered how many ads do we see a day?

The Numbers

Back in the days, as we didn’t have a choice to be as tech-savvy as we are today, the average ads a person saw was estimated to be around anywhere in 2000. In 2007, Yanklovich, a marketing giant estimated that a person would at least come across 5000 ads in a day. Cutt to 2021, it is estimated that an average human might be bombarded with as many as 10000 ads a day. That means 2021 Ad exposure is almost double as that of 2007

Does it seem a little exaggerated for you? That is because we have grown so accustomed to them that we do not even notice some ads, especially the ones that appear to fill up space on websites you visit. We also tend ignore the ones that doesn’t pique our interest. Therefore, when we put everything together, depending upon the time you spend on screens, 10000 isn’t actually so far-fetched. And how did we get here?

Every time a new screen or portal or technology opens, it is an immediate opportunity for advertising. The revenue generated from the advertisements make up huge chunks of their revenue. Hence, the current surge which doesn’t seem like stopping anytime soon can be attributed to internet and the obvious online advertising.

Online Advertising

The idea of online advertising started with AdWords, developed by Google. And that was just the beginning.

In 2007, Facebook launched their own which allowed targeted advertising based on demographics and information.

98% of Facebook’s revenue was generated from the ads. In 2019 alone, Google generated $134 billion while Facebook generated a $69 billion. 

 Mind you, social media is not the road end. With the coming of every new platform, the number of advertisements is just going to increase. Every website, even a google search will greet you with at least four ads showing on top. 

how many ads do we see a day in 2021 | 2021 Ad Exposure 3

Now the next question would be – how do you stand out from the clutter?

The rise of online advertising has allowed numerous digital media services offer services for effective advertising. In 2021, with everything moving online, it has become more important for businesses to brand themselves online. And advertising services are on the run for innovative technologies to stand out from the crowd.

A common Internet business model is users get free access to digital services, content and information, like news or media websites and App’s, Facebook, Instagram, blogs, etc.
While users contribute their attention by viewing the advertisements, the service providers then collect advertisement revenue. This business model had been worked well,

but the landscape changed as the mobile Internet develops.
First, publishers try to get advertisement revenue more and more aggressively, they exhaustively collect users’ personal data, draw the user profiles,

try their hardest to insert more ads into the original contents (and in a more ambiguous, hardly distinguishable way), and build extremely sophisticated models just trying to make users click more ads. In the end, user privacy is placed into jeopardy but they got less and less valuable original content 

to over come all of these problems and to provide value for users 
we had come up with an idea where we give the power to you.
Where you can Take control over your data and own your data with whoofey

Advertisers are going to face number of challenges. let’s see how to overcome these challenges and make advertising more effective 

  • Be consistent;
    they would have to bring their A-game on every day to establish and continue a brand.
  • Differentiate your audience;
    everybody is not going to be your customer.
    As a result, it is important to target the right audience with the right message.
  • Retaining the consumer base;
    retaining your existing clients is as important as bringing in new ones.
    Marketing strategists will have to come with appealing ideas that keeps the customers on the loop.

With this in mind, the tech is also evolving to let a more target-oriented advertising exist so that every user will not be bombarded with ads that are of no use to them.
This will be helpful in brands that are advertising to reach the right audience. Advertisements are not going to stop coming, so the next best thing we can do is make the experience more meaningful, efficient and unique

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